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How can we act as catalysts to strengthen our communities by investing in one another?


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Uniting neighbors and resources. People in our community, working together, giving, sharing, and creating local solutions. 


To improve lives by mobilizing the caring power of our community through active partnerships with local resources. 


  • Basic Needs and Safety Net 

Provide food, clothing, and shelter for those in crisis, as well as assistance for homebound seniors. 

  • Increasing Self-Sufficiency 

Provide education, training, and counseling opportunities to that people can become more productive citizens. 

  • Nurturing Youth & Children 

Provide everything from emergency shelters to character building opportunities such as childcare, day camps and sports. 

Diversity Statement

At United Way of the Coalfield (UWC), diversity and inclusion are part of every aspect of our work. We understand that the best solutions are crafted by diverse perspectives and stakeholders. We seek to engage the entire community in our work without regard to race, color, gender, sexual orientation, gender identity, religion, age, marital status, disability, veteran status, national origin, pregnancy, ancestry, socio-economic status or any other category protected by law.

UWC values the diversity of our stakeholders because we believe that:

  • diversity adds to organizational excellence when we tap the skills, talents and resources of people of different backgrounds.
  • diversity of voices and perspectives improves our responsiveness and ability to understand community needs, strengths and resources.
  • diversity makes us better stewards of donor dollars when we reach out to all people.
  • diversity within a community ensures all people receive the essential human care services needed.

This commitment reflects in all aspects of our work – service delivery, staffing, or volunteer participation. Inclusion is at the heart of what it means to Live United and to advance the common good.