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Silent Auction

Thank you for visiting our Silent Auction. We will be auctioning items off on this website as part of our Virtual Campaign.  If you or a business would like to make a donation for the auction, please reach out to Don at 270-821-3170.  All donations are greatly appreciated and encouraged, we will put the baskets together for you and make sure and mention your name or business on our website!  Thank you for all you do! United Way of the Coalfield and your local agencies greatly appreciate your donations, whether you are donating items to auction and/or bidding on auctions listed below.

Please review Auction Instructions below. Please note auction end dates vary. Make sure and check back daily, as more items/baskets will be listed for Auction!

Each Auction item/basket is listed separately, so make sure and click on each link!

Please Click here for Auction Instructions:

1. By placing a bid on any auction, you agree to pay your bid amount should you be the winner for that auction. Payment is made by the person with the winning bid at the close of auction via the “DONATE” button on the homepage of United Way of the Coalfield or contact the local office for mailing details, 270-821-3170.

2. You will be contacted via email regarding your bid, if you are outbid, or if you win the auction. All items must be paid for and picked up within one week of close of auction or we will move to back up bidder. If items need to be shipped, winner is responsible for shipping expenses, contact us for evaluation of shipping cost.

3. There are no time/date extensions, please make sure you review when the auction will close, auction is on CST.

4. This auction works like the following example:

  • John enters a Maximum Bid of $20 on an auction with a starting bid of $10.
  • John is currently winning the auction at $10, the starting bid.
  • Mary places her Maximum Bid of $40, but since John had bid only up to $20 he is now beaten by Mary’s bid.
  • The current bid is now $20 with Mary winning.
  • John decides to bid $30, the most he is willing to pay, and enters it.
  • Since Mary had entered $40 as her Maximum Bid her current bid price will increase to match John’s Maximum Bid of $30.
  • Therefore the current bid now goes up to $30, and Mary continues to win.
  • The auction closes soon at $30 with Mary winning. Mary then will go to the DONATE button on the United Way of the Coalfield homepage and pay for her auction item (NOTE: any donations higher than the actual winning bid are welcomed)

5. Thank you again for your participation in our auction, please continue to look for more items to be listed, ALL donations are greatly appreciated.

6. Must be 18 years of age at close of auction. If auctions include Alcohol, you must be 21 or older at close of auction. ID will be required for all winners at pickup.

7. Click on each link on the Silent Auction page to view and/or bid on each Auction item. All auction items are listed separately, so make sure and visit each link and remember bidding is encouraged, there is no limit to how many you win

YMCA Membership!

More Auctions Coming Soon for the month of December! Keep checking back, Thank you!