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(eds. High intensity discharge (HID) mercury lamps are used for roadway lighting, and for lighting of construction sites. This page was last edited on 2 October 2013, at 07:42. IEC - International Electrotechnical Commission, Photobiological safety of lamps and lamp systems, Geneva, IEC, 2006.
Documents of the NRPB, Advice on Protection Against Ultraviolet Radiation, Health Protection Agency,Volume 13, No. UV radiation is broadly used for the disinfection and sterilization of substances and room air, for example in the food industry to disinfect containers, tools, and work areas. Available at: EN – European Norm 1088, 1995 Interlocking devices associated with guards, EN – European Norm 1598, 1997 Health and safety in welding and allied processes. UV radiation is usually absorbed by the outer envelope of the lamp, but if the envelope is broken, the internal UV discharge lamp may continue to operate and severe exposure of the eye and skin can occur. Available at: EC – European Commission, Directive 2006/25/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council on the minimum health and safety requirements regarding the exposure of workers to risks arising from physical agents (artificial optical radiation) (19th individual Directive within the meaning of Article 16(1) of Directive 89/391/EEC), OJ L 114, pp. The Member States had to transform Directive 2006/25/EC into national law by 27 April 2010. The Member States shall adopt provisions to ensure appropriate health surveillance of workers in order to prevent and to detect timely any adverse health effects, long term health risks and any risk of chronic diseases resulting from the exposure to artificial UVR. Common lasers include CO2 IR laser; helium - neon, neodymium YAG, and ruby visible lasers, and the Nitrogen UV laser. Luxemburg, 2005. The quartz envelope does not block UV radiation that may present a hazard in some circumstances [18]. The combination of UVC radiation and ozone is effective in reducing the organic content of water, for instance in swimming pools. Other than the mercury lamp (Hg lamp), all sources highlighted here are common laser wavelengths. If the results of the risk assessment indicate that exposure limit values may be exceeded, the employer shall devise and implement an action plan comprising technical and organisational measures in order to prevent the exposure exceeding the limit values. On 5th April 2006, the European Parliament and Council adopted Directive 2006/25/EC [2] on the minimum requirements to protect workers’ safety and health from artificial optical radiation, which includes artificial UVR.
Excessive visible radiation can damage the eyes and skin. If the risk assessment has been conducted, and the compliance with the limit values is not ensured, protective measures have to be chosen. The Directive lays down minimum requirements to protect workers from the risks associated with optical radiation, in particular damage to the eyes and to the skin. 9 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.Map of our location, 75 Laurier Ave. East, Ottawa ONK1N 6N5 Canada, (passer à la version française de cette page), (switch to the English version of this page), Visit the University of Ottawa's Youtube profile, Visit the University of Ottawa's LinkedIn profile, Visit the University of Ottawa's Instagram profile, Visit the University of Ottawa's Twitter profile, Visit the University of Ottawa's Facebook profile. 739-744, Diffey, B.L., Ultraviolet radiation and skin cancer: Are physiotherapists at risk? At high enough intensities both will damage tissue through heating. Studies of worker exposure from welding arcs have shown that the UVR exposure of welders can exceed daily occupational exposure limits to the unprotected eye and skin by several thousand-fold [5], [6]. The main engineering control measures are use of light-tight cabinets and enclosures, UVR absorbing glass and plastic baffles.

Modern equipment is normally designed to completely enclose UV sources, however, during maintenance and service potentially hazardous UV exposures can occur [10], Fluorescent features of banknotes are commonly checked with UVR by cashiers in shops and stores. Available at: Gallagher, R.P., Hill, G.B., Bajdik, C.D., Fincham, S., Coldman, A.J., McLean, D.I., Threlfall, W.J., Sunlight exposure, pigmentary factors, and risk of nonmelanocytic skin cancer, I Basal Cell Carcinoma, Arch Dermatol 131, 1995, pp.157-163. OSHA does provide technical guidance regarding protecting employees from ultraviolet light with respect to laser hazards.

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