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Copyright © 2020 Entrepreneur Media, Inc. All rights reserved. If so, you may want to look into one of these sites in our post below, or even walk through our free guide on how to start a blog using WordPress — which can also act as your own diary or online journal. Look into starting a WordPress blog and see what we mean. All of these sites are journaling sites that allow users to record their daily events, make notes on various things, or record original thoughts. That’s because they have hundreds of templates and plugins that allow you to make your blog your own. Discover Self-Publishing With Lulu. If you’re creating a travel journal or journal for a group project, or even just a journal to keep up with distant friends, the collaborator options makes it simple and easy for anyone to add to your page! Just be careful. Penzu also has an app for your mobile devices so that you can update it on-the-go anytime you want. Penzu is a popular format to record your daily observations, write down ideas you have, or record what happens. Journaling can also serve as a way of documenting travels or memorable life events. Free online tools to create, sell, print, or buy custom notebooks. It’s free to use, and you can keep your thoughts private or choose to share them with the world. is a robust online journaling platform that allows you to record your thoughts, ideas, and observations on a beautiful background, complete with digital media that you add from your computer or other sources. Using one of the online journals is nice. Publishing on Lulu is completely free! In the initial stages, marketing costs can be saved by sharing your products among friends and family, and creating word of mouth. Try out any of the following models. Then you can choose to keep your journal private or share it with your social media groups or the entire world. Here's Why, Spanx Founder Sara Blakely Says This Business Idea Validation Step Can Be A Big Mistake, Why You Should Build a Personal Reputation Before Starting a Business, Why You Should Consider Starting Your Next Business in a New Market. Producing a planner costs between INR 100 to INR 400. Adobe Spark Page features multiple layout options and customization tools so you can create a page design that resonates with your journal. It's easy to make a personalized notebook or create something special to sell. Then planner or journals is just the right business idea for you. Also, it has “military level” privacy controls so you can feel safer with your information. So, naturally it is quite an interesting space to be in. Apart from creating planners, Souza also partners with brands to create funny campaigns to attract young followers. The original blogs that were created back in 2003 were all personal journals and diaries that recorded things like family vacations and personal thoughts. If you are offering cash on delivery the delivery costs swing between INR 70 and INR 80. Alicia Souza is also a big name in this space. That’s right. With the notebook or paper backgrounds, these designs take you back to a time when a paper was the rule of the day. It only takes a few minutes.... and I'll prove it to you in the video below. How much does it cost to set up the business? It helps you to relieve some stress, allows you to express your thoughts and feelings, and records important events in your life. is a great way to put up a personal or professional journal to share your thoughts with the world. These online platforms make it easy to start a journal today and keep up with it year round. This is an excellent platform for anyone wanting to keep either a personal, school, or work journal. What purpose does this journal serve? While in your Spark Page workspace, click the head silhouette icon to add collaborators to your page. Is it a personal diary? You can use any of the platforms we talked about in this post, or you could do something else…create a blog! A private journal or maybe even a collaborative one with friends? It can be a therapeutic activity that helps you reflect on day-to-day experiences. Experiment with photo collages, glide shows with text overlay captions, and different font header options to create hierarchy. Each of these platforms offers something special so take “note” of the features of each one to see which one you might want to look into further. A sweet selling price spot is between INR 1,000 to INR 1,200. It may feel silly at the time, but there’s no doubt it’s an invaluable treat to re-read something and have it transport you right back to what you were feeling at that moment. Your journal is a safe space to unleash your creativity and express yourself! For starters, designing your own product would be a better idea. Don't forget to check out these related articles: Zac Johnson is an entrepreneur with more than 20 years of experience in the world of online marketing, business and branding.

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