bladerf direction finding

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`mini_exp[1]` is J71-4 on bladeRF. * metadata organized as follows.

* Use this as a return value in callbacks or as the buffer parameter to. ... o_c_k.html.

* Note that, in some cases, gain may be negative (e.g. * The most common uses of this function are to: * - Open a device based upon the results of bladerf_get_device_list(), * - Open a specific device based upon its serial number, * Below is an example of how to use this function to open a device with a, * @snippet open_via_serial.c example_snippet, * @param[out] device Update with device handle on success, * @param[in] devinfo Device specification.

* Address of the flash data in this image.

This stream can be stopped by disabling the TX channel. Generally, only one of the above, * is required -- providing all of these may over constrain the search for the, * desired device (e.g., if a serial number matches, but not on the specified, * - Specifies USB bus and address. * Get gain range of a specific gain stage, * This function may be called with `NULL` for `range` to test if a given gain, * This function may be called with `NULL` for `stages`, or 0 for `count`, to, * @param[out] stages Gain stage names, * @param[out] count Number to populate, * @return Number of gain stages on success, value from \ref RETCODES list on, * This section presents functionality pertaining to configuring the. * bladerf_open_with_devinfo() will match the first device found.

If an error occurs, no data will be written.

* bladerf_alloc_image(), with a `length` of 0. * status = start_rx_streams(dev_master, dev_slave); * status = bladerf_trigger_fire(dev_master, &trig_master); * // Handle RX signals and then shut down streams. * @param[in] backend Backend to use. * | Byte offset | Type | Description |, * +-------------+------------+----------------------------------+, * | 0x00 | uint32_t | Reserved |, * | 0x04 | uint64_t | 64-bit Timestamp |, * | 0x0c | uint32_t | BLADERF_META_FLAG_* flags |, * | 0x10..end | | Payload |, * `-------------`------------`----------------------------------`, * *The number of samples in a block is dependent upon, * When using the bladerf_sync_rx() and bladerf_sync_tx() functions, the, * above details are entirely transparent; the caller need not be concerned, * with these details. This is not used by any functions.

they're used to gather information about the pages you visit and how many clicks you need to accomplish a task. It alleviates the need to, * explicitly spawn threads (it is done under the hood) and manually manage, * Under the hood, this interface spawns worker threads to handle an. * This value is intended to track the values returned by bladerf_version(). However, if this can get me an opportunity, I'll gladly consider it.

* Mapping between C string description of gain modes and bladerf_gain_mode, * This sets an overall system gain, optimally proportioning the gain between. * @pre bladerf_set_frequency() or bladerf_schedule_retune() have previously. * regardless of the value of `arm`. If set to. * Mark the associated buffer as the end of a burst transmission.

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