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Hymn in Jov.82.) the warlike, occurs also as a surname of Zeus and Ares. Respecting the festival of the Gamelia see Dict. i. ), HO′RCIUS (Horkios), the god who watches over oaths, or is invoked in oaths, and punishes their violation, occurs chiefly as a surname of Zeus, under which the god had a statue at Olympia. ad Lycoph. ), CENAEUS (Kênaios), a surname of Zeus, derived from cape Cenaeum in Euboea, on which the god had a temple. i. in Jov. ad Virg. Lycaeus also occurs as a surname of Apollo. (Lactant. Her. ), NEMEIUS (Nemeios), tile Nemeian, a surname of Zeus, under which he had a sanctuary at Argos, with a bronze statue, the work of Lysippus, and where games were celebrated in his honour. Zeus was thus theos patrôios at Athens (Paus. § 4), and 3. of Bacchus. § 3, 24. (Paus. Zeus, Hera, Aphrodite, Peitho, and Artemis. p. 440, xiv. Serm. ii. § 3 ), and near Glisas in Boeotia. 1550, &c.), ALEXI′CACUS (Alexikakos), the averter of evil, is a surname given by the Greeks to several deities, as -- Zeus (Orph. Those holding non-sovereign ranks held only a mediate relationship (meaning that the civil hierarchy upwards was mediated by one or more intermediaries between the rank holder and the Emperor). 63.). i. This list may not reflect recent changes (learn more). 26. Ol. 23. 513) and Sophocles (Trach. The sovereign titles listed below are grouped together into categories roughly according to their degree of dignity; these being: imperial (Emperor, Empress, etc. 119. [19], The titles used by royalty, aristocracy & nobility of the Maratha Empire. Stratios, i.e. Several ranks were widely used (for more than a thousand years in Europe alone) for both sovereign rulers and non-sovereigns. Non-hereditary. At Athens cakes were offered to him every year at the festival of the Diasia. Il. 24. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Böckh; Plat. This page lists the cult titles of the god. Sympos. But Agonius is more especially used as a surname of Hermes, who presides over all kinds of solemn contests. ii. ), AREIUS (Areios), a surname of Zeus, which may mean either the warlike or the propitiating and atoning god, as Areia in the case of Athena. ), CO′NIUS (Konios), the god who excites or makes dust, a surname of Zeus, who had an uncovered temple under this name in the arx of Megara. ii. 699; Paus. Palat. § 5; comp. 31. Several of the following ranks were commonly both sovereign and non-sovereign within the HRE. From that time the Eleans sacrificed to Zeus under this name. viii. In Austria, nobility titles may no longer be used since 1918. v. 119; Strab. v. 21. § 4.). Suppl. (Paus. Lycurg. 7; Spanheim, ad Callim. Note that many titles listed may also be used by lesser nobles – non-sovereigns – depending on the historical period and state. § 3. ), A′RBIUS (Arbios), a surname of Zeus, derived from mount Arbias in Crete, where he was worshipped. Upon this altar barley and wheat were strewed, which were consumed by the bull about to be sacrificed to the god. 1. ), AGE′TOR (Agêtôr), a surname given to several gods, for instance, to Zeus at Lacedaemon (Stob. (Orph. x. "the powerful," or " the strengthening," a surname of Zeus, under which he had an altar in a rock near Hermione, where Aegeus concealed his sword and his shoes, which were found there by Theseus after he had lifted up the rock. A cadet prince (Prinz) who belongs to an imperial or royal dynasty, however, may outrank a duke who is the cadet of a reigning house, e.g., Wurttemberg, Bavaria, Mecklenburg or Oldenburg. Positions of authority (39) Diplomacy (12) Authoritarianism (11) Dictatorship (9) Ancient Greek government (1) Ancient Greek tyrants (1) Ancient … p. 34. The name Idaeus also occurs as a surname of Zeus (Hom. 10. p. 473; Paus. But these are not all, for the Moerae too are called theai gamêliai (Spanheim ad Callim. p. 659 ; Herod. (Paus. v. 8. Ruling of the Court of the Lord Lyon (26 February 1948, Vol. § 5), -- and to Heracles. in the same neighbourhood. Plutarch (Quaest. xii. A surname of Zeus, under which he was worshipped at Sparta. p. 659) calls the god of Mysala, in the Carian dialect, Osogo. An altar of Zeus Hypatus existed at Athens in front of the Erechtheium; and it was not allowed to offer up to him any thing alive or libations, but only cakes. 126; Xenoph. Meyers Taschenlexikon Geschichte 1982, vol 1, p. 22 & vol 2, p. 198. LARISSAEUS (Larissaios), surnames of Zeus and Apollo, derived from the arx Larissa at Argos (Paus. 31, § 3, 36, § 3. 2. 26) use it of Apollo and Zeus, and apparently in the sense of helpers in struggles and contests. Another set of cult titles derived from the towns, mountains and other locales where his shrines were located, as well as the names of cult-founders, and descriptions of their locale. ), AGORAEUS and AGORAEA (Agoraia and Agoraios), are epithets given to several divinities who were considered as the protectors of the assemblies of the people in the agora, such as Zeus (Paus. 1. (Athen. (Comp. In the United States, where there is no nobility, the title esquire is sometimes arrogated (without any governmental authorization) by lawyers admitted to the state bar. 39). 344). 16; Virg. xxviii. iii. (Paus. s. v. Larissa). Related topics. Il. the protector of childbed, a surname of Zeus, who, as the father of Athena, was worshipped under this name at Aliphera. 292, 297), and, in fact, nearly all the gods might be regarded as the protectors of marriage, though the five mentioned by Plutarch perhaps more particularly than others. 206. Ol. 170. ), -- to Apollo, who was worshipped under this name by the Athenians, because he was believed to have stopped the plague which raged at Athens in the time of the Peloponnesian war (Paus. § 28; Vitruv. et Di. § 4; Plut. Dion Chrys. v. 14. 82. § 8, v. 15. (Hesych. § 1; Appian, Mithrid. Eustathius thinks that the god derived this name from the resemblance between him and Agamemnon; while others believe that it is a mere epithet signifying the Eternal, from agan and menôn. p. 18, &c. 155, &c.), PARNE′THIUS (Parnêthios), a surname of Zeus, derived from Mount Parnes in Attica, on which there was a bronze statue of the god. (Strab. ANCHE′SMIUS (Anchedmios), a surname of Zeus derived from the hill Anchesmus in Attica, on which, as on several Attic hills, there was a statue of the god. Hymn. De Lapid. ), royal (King/Queen, sovereign Grand Duke or Grand Prince, etc. Within the HRE, those holding the following ranks who were also sovereigns had (enjoyed) what was known as an immediate relationship with the Emperor. The female equivalent is Duchess. xii. MAEMACTES (Maimaktês), i. e. the stormy, a surname of Zeus, from which the name of the Attic month Maemacterion was derived. 151, p. 640, ed. 53. Ran. 123; Tzetz. 31. v. 14. (Philostr. vii. Subsequently, when the name Hellenes was applied to all the Greeks, the meaning of the god's surname likewise became more extensive, and it was derived from the propitiatory sacrifice which Aeacus was said to have offered on behalf of all the Greeks, and by the command of the Delphic oracle, for the purpose of averting a famine (Paus. s. v. It was said to have been derived from a priest of the name of Messapeus. § 1; Apollod. 24. Byz. Wikimedia Commons has media related to Ancient Greek titles. i. ), STHE′NIUS (Sthenios), i.e. Gorg. ACRAEUS (Akraios). (Paus. Императрица/Царица(Imperatritsa/Tsaritsa), Legal privilege given to some members in monarchical and princely societies, Common titles for European and Near Eastern monarchs, Princely, ducal, and other sovereign titles, Other sovereigns, royalty, peers, and major nobility, Usages of the titles of Grand Duke, Duke and Prince, Minor nobility, landed gentry, and other aristocracy, Corresponding titles of nobility between languages. (Steph. § 7, 34. In Germany, a sovereign Duke (Herzog) outranks[citation needed] a sovereign prince (Fürst).

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