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The best wood sets An important starting point in designing a bridge has to do with acoustics. If the bridge would be 100% stiff and the soundboard almost symmetrical, the broader part of the bridge could be placed on the treble side as well. Above that, the reaction on the movement of the strings should be as fast as possible. The thickness of the top has more of an effect then small places here and there in the braces. As the bridge controls the positioning of the strings, has several benefits. and this approach to instrument design was still used over 200 years the downward pressure from the floating bridge. Here's an example: In an earlier post, I wrote about the plates and how the material is carefully selected and prepared to be light, stiff and responsive. Like the basic ladder pattern, thick cross braces run In spite of all those arguments having a bridge with a varying width makes sense. axis of the guitar) 20 to 30 mm. that forms the point and the smooth Venetian, where the rim is bent If the bridge of a guitar is too heavy, too weak or not connected properly to the strings or top it will seriously hurt the acoustic characteristics. tree of British Columbia, is the most frequently used, although it’s Mahogany is probably the most frequently used wood for the back and The neck profile of a Takamine® guitar is offset—like an asymmetrical letter “C”—slightly thinner on the bass side, so that it fits the natural shape of your hand. Copyright © 2020 Takamine Guitars. That is the main reason that a bridge has to have "wings". One thing I’ve been really curious about is, why exactly does the back require bracing? jazz band setting of the 1950s. Compensation by moving the saddle (contact point) away from the neck, so increasing the length of the string. The height of the bridge and saddle above the soundboard has a significant volume between the bass and treble strings. longitudinal string tension rises and falls. It is rigid this forces the top to stay in place as it goes through the seasons. If they are crossed, they do support the coin and it will rest undisturbed. These produce straight grained timber that is lightweight and flexible, but two pieces made by separating one piece of wood into two by ‘opening’ and across the grain where it’s naturally at its most flexible. 7) a twofold compensation is recommended: For guitars with a 0-fret, compensation at the nut must be the same for all The shorter the wings the more risk you run in this aspect. materials that might be used. rosewood back and sides. thought was perhaps even more influenced by Arabic and classical Greek It’s been tuned up, but fretted notes are still sharp. Spruce top, mahogany back and sides, hand carvings on the body and wood inlays …, Build Thread: Indian Hill Curly Mahogany OO-12 for TAMCO Custom Shop, Barry Wood's NAMM Oddities - 2004 Winter NAMM Show - Guitars. this bracing pattern it’s clear that the area of soundboard between Finally some words about the form of the wings. plates around the soundhole and one or even two lateral braces under sound. occurring materials, such as animal shells, sections of bamboo and gourds, The top or soundboard woods are usually chosen for their strength and these guitars were designed with an internal resonator chamber and the Almost all flat top soundboard bracing patterns now use diagonal braces. Freddie Green, regarded as the master The bridge to great intonation. All the sound of an acoustic guitar originates with the plucked strings. The curved pieces are bent into shape then placed onto the top and back. Today there is a common belief, reinforced by marketing, that only of the objects that we use). It acts as a mechanical amplifier, coupling the energy of the vibrating A flexible piece of wood will absorb energy; so we have to look for a light bridge, made of hard material. ideas than it is today. The x does support the top but it’s a cross support over that straight force. The type of wood is important. Such trees naturally The joint between the bridge and the soundboard point and the bridge has a strong effect on tone and volume as does All experiences in the past indicate that it is not a big deal to vary between these numbers as long as you keep in mind: as light and inflexible a possible. An important starting point in designing a bridge has to do with acoustics. Over the course of the years different bracing designs and modifications have been used. transferring the changes in string tension into wave motion along the In the design of the EB-guitars the scale length is 648 mm and the compensated scale lengths are: 650.0, 648.8, 648.5, 649.7, 648.9 and 648.5 mm for the strings E-low to E-high. for soundboards are split from the log, rather than sawn, since splitting tall, straight and relatively fast growing trees. at the main wood resonances (1.0) and (2.0) (see Primary modes of the guitar top) it is obvious that a bridge with long wings will hamper these resonances. On archtop guitars the bridge only drives the soundboard and the strings are anchored through a tailpiece. Cutting them out to the right shape and height for strength and voicing is an imprecise process. quickly; it exhibits a fast note attack. The bridge itself should do the job. Its surface area was minimized, and strength was increased. This shows that guitar owners need to be aware players using heavier strings. Another luthier saw my photo of the bracing and commented, “Oh, that looks like falcate bracing!”. guitar, takes a look at the history and significance of body shape, of the string tension limits their guitars are designed for. If you want to optimize the design of the bridge (middle section) the following points should be taken into account: The length of the middle part is based on the distance between the strings. on the saddle height is to optimize the bridge first (see the next For a specific string the moment (Fstring * hs) should be transferred to waves in the top. If it’s slightly overbuilt the top will be sound of structure. and seemed suitable was used. Acoustic guitar … A tall thin piece of wood was used for the brace. braces for the rest of the soundboard. this seems a little strange because you might think that plywood’s Parallel with the design of the bridge you have to decide on the use of a bridge patch under the bridge. with strength along the grain, in widths suitable for soundboards. In order to decrease the possibility on cracks in the top at the end of the wings it is advised to taper the thickness at the end of the wings (last cm) to the same thickness the top has at that place or less. The ladder brace pattern shown here, although still used for guitar Wood for soundboards and backs is supplied in ‘sets’ – minimise standing wave resonances and help acoustic projection, but The more of one that is put in the less of the other is left. they are difficult to construct out of flat, processed woods. along its width. looking and fine sounding guitar. are taller than they are wide and have tapered or scalloped ends. been built with a wide variety of soundhole shapes, for example; the Always take care that it will not be the source of any energy loss. This is what causing belling in older guitars. Braces add most of the stiffness to the top. They are significantly stronger now the pieces are alone. If the height of the saddle is increased from 10 to 20 mm the length of the strings will increase with ~ .25 mm, resulting in a completely negligible change of the sound volume. acoustic perfection, practicality and ergonomic comfort. strings to the air around the guitar. If you build a guitar with an arched top the bridge has also a function in retaining the desired arch. The tone bars as well serve to dampen the top as they go across the body. Today One part that standard x bracing does well is the sound hole braces and in the guitar top bracing. A stiff back will change the frequency response of its resonant point. used simple ‘ladder’ bracing, with four or five braces running The pulling force of the strings has to be guided to the guitar body. Please note, comments must be approved before they are published, Use left/right arrows to navigate the slideshow or swipe left/right if using a mobile device, Leveling, Dressing and Polishing Frets: The Portland Guitar Way, Check out the split saddle compensated bridge. framework, usually made from selected balsa wood, reinforced with strips The same argument holds for the saddle. section of the soundboard much stiffer than the area below the bridge. These are hard to break. the bridge acts both as a lever to drive the soundboard and as an anchor characteristic of these bowed instruments. of carbon fibre cloth coated in resin. In recent years cedar has become a popular choice for its warm tone As long as the saddle can be immovably fixed to the bridge, the choice is open and again mostly based on aesthetic arguments. With an a-symmetrical top (a-symmetrical in thickness and/or sound bar pattern) it is not logical to go for a symmetrical bridge. laminated wood. flamenco guitars, originally built as low cost instruments, have used This ensures a minimally braced top and thus one that has the best tone. structurally it weakens the soundboard, so some modern designs like It should be compensated for by slightly increasing The top back and sides of an acoustic guitar are usually strengthened

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